The Best Restaurants in Auckland

Whether it is a treat for someone special, or just a casual lunch with friends or family, these restaurants never disappoint. Whether you are a visitor or a student, these restaurants, offer a rich menu of both local and foreign cuisine. One great thing about all these restaurants is that they serve all meals from breakfast to dinner.


Location: Viaduct

Harbourside is Auckland’s best seafood restaurant. Its exquisite location offers a great view, especially if one chooses to sit on the balcony facing the water. One of its signature dishes is the whole grilled fish served on the bone. The restaurant offers a rich menu of seafood, but its iconic shellfish must be a try for anyone looking into flattering their pallet.

Blue Breeze Inn

Location: Ponsonby

If roast pork is what floats your boat, then Blue Breeze Inn is there for you. The roast pork belly buns and egg-plant steamed buns have got to be some of the most delicious meals served in the restaurant. The open plan sitting makes it all exciting as you can watch as the chefs prepare your meal. Raw cheesecake is among other mouth-watering desserts offered by this restaurant.



If Japanese is all what you have been thinking about, head over to Ebisu for some sushi or some sashimi. They offer a rich menu of the most famous Japanese dishes, and the fact that these meals can be completely vegan makes it a good choice especially for vegans. Ebisu is also a favourite for food lovers in Auckland.



Cotto is synonymous with pasta, anyone looking for love served in a bowl, head over to Cotto, their pasta is always made with lots of love, and each plate comes with out of this world sauces, cheese and fresh garnishing. This is where food and art meet. They also serve some of the world’s most popular cocktails.