Top 4 Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Auckland

Many people love taking their pets out and not just for the daily dog walks. However, not many places are pet-friendly. The good news is that a few restaurants in Auckland are starting to make room for your pets. Here is a couple of them.


Located along 1790 Great North Road, this is one of the fantastic pet-friendly restaurants in Auckland. The restaurant is open every day from 8 am to 3 pm, and on Fridays, it remains open until 10 pm. You will find a lovely spacious outdoor table where you can dine with your pet. Make sure you try their famous Jamon Serrano Bruschetta if you haven’t before.

Café on Kohi

Along Averill Avenue in Kohimarama, you will come across the lovely Café on Kohi. This is a casual eatery where many people come for a quick meal or to dine with their friends, including their pets. They have select outdoor settings that are pet friendly allowing you to take a quick bite as your pet enjoys the outdoor views. The café is open from 7 am to 4 pm daily.


The beach is always a beautiful place to have fun and to take your puppy for an early morning or afternoon dog walk. While at it, you can stop by Zoomer, a lovely café at 4 The Strand along Takapuna beach. The place has a fantastic European-style expression, and you will find separate tables on the outside where you and your pet can enjoy your order.

Leigh Sawmill

Feeling like pizza for lunch or dinner? Well, you do not have to leave your pet behind as you go to Leigh Sawmill. The pizzeria is located along 142 Pakiri Road in Leigh, Auckland. You can order as many flavours as you wish, including the Ella Hart pizza or go for a Gratuitous Pie with a variety of toppings.