Top Lunch Spots With Free Wi-Fi in Auckland

Lunch is an important meal of the day. A well-prepared lunch meal can be the difference between a good run to finishing a day or a bad one. As such, it is essential to find a lunch spot that offers some great meals. Here in Auckland, there are plenty of them. If you are looking for one, this post will recommend the ones with some free Wi-Fi as well.

1. Scarecrow

Having an interior design that is low-key makes you feel like you are in your house, Scarecrow is one of the most famous eateries in Auckland. This spot, located in the heart of the city, also offers some complimentary Wi-Fi to its customers. If you are looking to snack on something at lunch while play gaming club casino, then you may want to check out this spot with some free Wi-Fi.

2. Williams Eatery

Located on G03/85 Daldy Street, the Williams Eatery is a favourite spot for many people during lunch break. The restaurant has some fantastic food on its menu each day, which are chef-prepared. On top of the excellent customer service that you will get at this place, free Wi-Fi is also available. The speeds on their Wi-Fi are decent enough for you to enjoy some top online slot games such as Cleopatra, Gonzo’s Quest, Zuma Slots and Double Bubble Slots.

3. Shaky Isles

This lunch spot located on 22 Customs Street is a top place for many people that like to do some light work during their lunch break. The spot offers free complimentary Wi-Fi and has well-spaced tables that give you room to work on your computer. Additionally, the place serves some great coffee and a wide variety of teas as well. There are also a couple of Asian meals if you are into Asian food.